Mureed Abbas murder case reveals details of billion rupees scam

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Investigation in murder case of private TV anchor Mureed Abbas and two others on Friday revealed that the conflict started with Rs5 million reached a total of Rs1 billion scam whereas accused Atif Zaman also had to give Rs170 million to a British woman.

Sources said that Karachi police faced different challenges in the Murdeed Abbas’ murder case as they gathered many evidences and found other investors in the case as well.

Atif Zaman’s investors from London and Dubai have come forth including a British woman who is also said to be in contact with Karachi police.The woman claimed that she had invested Rs170 million in Atif Zaman’s business.

IO said that statements of five persons have already been enscrolled whereas three business partners have also been called. Investigation team expressed that they could leave for Balakot any moment to arrest the suspect.

On the other hand, the court handed over the accused Atif Zaman to police till July 15.

Police asserted that the suspect was unconscious and injured due to which he could not be presented in the court. Atif Zaman will be presented in court in order to seek his physical remand for further investigation.

According to investigation sources, the alleged killer, Atif Zaman, had been doing business under the cover of a company named Infinity.
Moreover, the other person who could be seen in a CCTV footage has been identified as “Adil.”

Reportedly, Zaman had defrauded Rs500 million collectively from at least 70 persons, including 30 to 40 individuals of the media.

Furthermore, the investigation team has recommended including partners of the company, two persons of banking sector and a person named Shoaib in the interrogation of the case.

Sources further revealed that Zaman had also been doing smuggling of tyres, and was in close contact with tyre smugglers in Balochistan.

A few months ago, the accused person had disclosed that someone had stolen Rs250 million from him, and afterwards conflict with his business partners worsened.

Meanwhile, the investigation team has been raiding at suspected hideouts to arrest Adil.

Police on Wednesday formed a five-member committee to probe into the murder of three persons including the anchorperson.

The committee, comprising of SSP South, SSP Clifton, SHO Darakhshan and SIU Darakshan, is being headed by Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Tariq Dharejo.

According to initial investigation, police officials had stated that the dispute was of Rs200 million.

The body of the deceased anchorperson was shifted to Islamabad from Karachi. His body was received by his brother at the airport after which it was transported to his native city Mianwali.

Abbas, an anchorman working at the private television channel in Karachi, was allegedly shot by his business partner Atif Zaman, who also tried to commit suicide by shooting himself.

He was later admitted to a local hospital with critical injuries, according to Karachi police. Abbas’s friend Khizar Hayat was also shot on the spot and later succumbed to injuries in hospital.

Initial investigations had suggested that Zaman had to pay back a debt to the anchorperson. It is also believed that the alleged killer had threatened him with dire consequences.

Zaman had called the victim to a café in a posh area of Defence in Karachi and shot him and his friend.

The anchorman’s wife Zara Abbas had claimed that Zaman had called her husband at 8pm to collect Rs5 million owed to him. “We had invested our money in his business and he [Zaman] wasn’t giving it back to us and others, he had been making excuses,” she said.

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